Rob Kardashian took to social media to share the caught-on-cam, adorable moment between his daughter, Dream, and her cousin, North.

Kardashian, on Saturday morning, made sure to give out some positive vibes to Twitterverse, when he posted a photo of his child with former girlfriend Blac Chyna sharing some love with the 4-year-old daughter of rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The photo showed a tutu-wearing Dream hugging a robe-clad North.

This was not the first time, though, that Robert shared an awe-inspiring moment of Dream. In January, he shared a video of her while sucking a purple bottle and holding what seemed like a cracker. He captioned this with two angel emojis.

Rob followed this up with another Dream video, showing a cute, filter-filled photo of his only child.

Social Media Break

Rob had been known to be taking a break from social media, limiting himself with fewer posts of just his daughter. This was after the world had seen the nasty exchange of words and meltdown with his ex-girlfriend, Chyna.

The conflict between the two had been ongoing since last year, but fans witnessed the tirade going nastier than ever. The conflict stemmed when Rob shared to the public nude photos of his ex-fiancée in July 2017.

After this, Chyna obtained a restraining order against Rob, after the former stripper had accused Rob of physically abusing her. The latter had vehemently denied the allegations.

Rob allegedly hit Chyna, leaving a bruise. After this, according to Chyna, the altercation went to the bedroom and ended with Rob ruining her closet. However, she later dropped the charges against her ex after reaching an agreement.

Chyna also accused the Kardashians of tarnishing her reputation and for causing her spinoff show Rob and Chyna to be put on the shelf. The show had a six-episode run, but E! announced in March last year that they would not be renewing the show for a second season.

After a month, the 29-year-old dropped her allegations against most of the reality TV family, but stayed firm and aimed at Kris, Kim, and Rob.

The hullabaloo went on for the later part of 2017, as the three Kardashians targeted by Chyna refuted the accuser's statements saying Rob and Chyna was not renewed because the leads could not possibly be together because of Chyna's restraining order.

The Kardashians also noted that they are entitled to their own opinion, especially in times when a family member is involved.