Gigi Hadid Talks How Hashimoto’s Disease Affected Her Life: What Is It?

Gigi Hadid recently took to Twitter to slam body shamers and reveal that her body has been changing because she has been suffering from Hashimoto's disease.

What Is Hashimoto's Disease?

Hashimoto's disease, also known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, is a condition that affects the thyroid gland in the neck and is more common among women than men. The immune system of an individual suffering from Hashimoto's creates antibodies that go after one's thyroid gland.

Fatigue, depression, joint pain, and weight gain are some of the common symptoms of Hashimoto's disease. However, according to Dr. Terry Davies, a professor of medicine and director of the division of endocrinology at Mount Siani hospital in New York City, weight loss can also take place in people suffering from the thyroid condition at the onset of the disease.

Apart from Hadid, the likes of Zoe Saldana, Victoria Justice, Gina Rodriguez, and Nia Vardalos have also been diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder.

Model Hits Back At Body Shamers

On Sunday, Feb. 11, the supermodel posted a series of tweets to fire back at online haters who criticized her over her fluctuating weight after she walked the ramp at the New York Fashion Week.

In her tweets, Hadid revealed that her body has been experiencing changes over the years because of a diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease.

The 22-year-old noted that when she started out as a model at the age of 17, she was not yet diagnosed with the thyroid condition. The reason why people called her "too big for the industry" were side effects such as inflammation and water retention.

Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Struggle With Hashimoto's Disease

Hours after her Twitter tirade, Bella Hadid's older sister spoke candidly about her Hashimoto's disease diagnosis.

"I've loved my body when I was just diagnosed and I loved [it] going through it and I love my body now," Hadid told E! News in a backstage interview during Anna Sui's show at the New York Fashion Week on Monday. "It's just about everyone accepting their body as it matures and knowing that it's not always going to look the same and you can love yourself in all different sizes."

The Victoria's Secret model added that being honest is the right thing to do and a lot of people will be able to relate to the experiences she has shared about her struggle with the illness. Hadid first revealed her Hashimoto's diagnosis in December 2016.

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