Anyone will agree with Kim Kardashian when she says that her 24-inch waist line has been smaller than ever, as evident in her latest mirror selfie.

As plain as the day, Kardashian's body looked more toned and smaller than before in a picture she posted in Instagram, on Tuesday, Feb. 13. The wife of rapper Kanye West sported a blonde mid-length hair and smoky eyes.

The KKW Beauty makeup line owner is wearing nothing but a black two-piece bikini and accessorized her look with a sparkly choker. As of writing, the selfie had earned 2.7 million likes.

"Forgot to post this last night," Kardashian wrote, but heck, she finally posted it, much to the amazement of her fans.

Book Club

Kardashian's waist had noticeably gotten smaller, silhouetting off an almost perfect hourglass figure. In a recently released clip, titled Never-Before-Seen Footage of My Book Club, on her app, the group's topic led to the obvious changes in Kardashian's body.

The club consisted of Chrissy Teigen and Kardashian's sister Kourtney. The latter, who allegedly blasted her ex Scott Disick for dating a younger woman, opened the topic when she quipped on Kardashian's waist to hips ratio.

"It's never been 24 ever in my life," Kardashian divulged, and added that her hips measure 39 inches.

Also taking a peep is her abs, which could be attributed to her workouts with Melissa Alcantara, who trains and coaches the mother of three. It was revealed that the socialite works out for six days a week.

"Kim has been getting some really nice results, like with her triceps! She can't believe how much has changed over the last few months," Alcantara revealed.

Kim Kardashian's Recent Issues

Kardashian, who recently welcomed her third bundle of joy via a surrogate mother, received a lot of backlash earlier this month after posting a mirror photo with her 4-year-old daughter, North, taking the picture.

The controversial image, which was uploaded on her Instagram and had garnered 3 million likes as of writing, was criticized mainly because of who took the picture. It can be seen that Kardashian is standing in front of a mirror sans nothing, except for an unclasped brassiere.

The photo was taken from the back, and visible from the reflection in the mirror was the 37-year-old reality TV star holding her arguably two bountifuls. North can also be seen in the mirror. Many condemned Kardashian and used the #parentingfail in their comments.

 Forgot to post this last night A post shared by  Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Feb 13, 2018 at 6:06am PST