Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer may have only confirmed their relationship this week, but the couple is now married in an intimate wedding ceremony, with several notable celebrities in attendance.

Crying Tears Of Joy

Chief among them was Schumer's longtime BFF Jennifer Lawrence, who reportedly got very emotional witnessing the surprise nuptials. The Red Sparrow actress appeared in several sweet photos on Schumer's Instagram, looking absolutely thrilled for her friend. In one particular shot, Lawrence is seen placing a sweet kiss on Schumer's head.

The wedding took place Tuesday, with Lawrence confirming in an interview with ET that Fischer wrote his own vows for the occasion.

"It was beautiful. It was very sudden, but ... I was sobbing the whole -- his vows were stunning. It's when two people really love each other and they really mean it, it shows, and it was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing time. I couldn't be happier for them," she gushed.

While Schumer is angelic in her white gown, it was Lawrence's sleeveless pink high-collar Philosophy dress, which she wore previously to a big event back in December, that attracted a fair bit of attention, although, not for the reason one might think.

"Notice my shirt was accidentally undone the whole time. In every wedding photo all of my buttons were undone. It looks like I was like, 'Oh, you thought this was going to be about you?'" Lawrence joked.

The wedding reportedly had a relaxed, beach vibe, but Lawrence wasn't down to get sand in her shoes for Schumer's big day.

"A couple people wanted to go down and walk on the beach and I was like, 'No. I don't get the beach. I just don't care,'" she deadpanned.

Lawrence was one of just 80 guests at the surprise wedding, with famous faces including Jake Gyllenhaal, Larry David, Jennifer Aniston, and David Spade all present. Schumer and Fischer said their vows overlooking the ocean at a house in Malibu.

Basically Sisters

Schumer and Lawrence have been close friends for years, even writing a film script together, which sees them playing sisters. They were first spotted larking about on jet skis while on vacation in 2015 before taking in a Billy Joel concert together. The rest is history.

Schumer confirmed her relationship with Fischer, which was rumored since late last year, in a smoochy Instagram shot taken at Ellen DeGeneres's 60th birthday party. The wedding will come as a shock to fans who only just found out Schumer had somebody special in her life.

Lawrence recently split from director Darren Aronofsky, whose controversial film mother! she starred in last year, after over a year together. Her next flick, spy thriller Red Sparrow, with her Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence, opens on March 2.

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