Celebrities' private lives are often under intense scrutiny. However, the harsh spotlight intensifies when it comes to a significant breakup.

Justin Theroux Cancels On Colbert

Entertainment Tonight has learned that Justin Theroux canceled his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Theroux was scheduled to join New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand and musical guest Portugal.The Man as Colbert's guests.

According to the news magazine, Theroux was supposed to be talking about several upcoming Netflix projects. If Theroux did not cancel his appearance, it would have been his first appearance on the show in three years. E! News confirmed that talk show host Chris Gethard is joining Senator Gillibrand and Portugal.The Man on this evening's show.

No Marriage License

Theroux's canceled visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert comes after the shocking revelation that he was separating from his superstar wife, Jennifer Aniston. While fans of both Aniston and Theroux hoped that they would not have a nasty divorce, TMZ provided a tiny bit of relief. The celebrity gossip website searched for a marriage license for the ex-couple and was unsuccessful in tracking down a license in Los Angeles County.

A Valentine's Day Goodbye

Before dropping their bombshell announcement, Aniston and Theroux attempted to reconcile on Valentine's Day. According to People Magazine, an insider close to the former couple stated Theroux traveled across the country from New York City to Aniston's hometown of Los Angeles in attempts to patch up their relationship.

"They saw each other late at night on Valentine's Day in L.A. They decided together that they would make the announcement the next day. Justin flew on a private jet to L.A. to see Jen one last time," the insider told People.

The insider also told the magazine that Aniston had cold feet about making the announcement. The Bruce Almighty and Horrible Bosses actress wanted to keep the separation low-key, while Theroux wanted to move on with his life immediately.

Not In A 'New York State Of Mind'

A very significant reason why Aniston and Theroux broke up could be due to location preferences. Theroux considered New York City his home base, while Aniston could not deal with a relocation to the City That Never Sleeps. The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress could not leave California behind her, especially her mansion. The problems also included Aniston not being able to stand Theroux's lone wolf attitude, and the actor not being able to stand hanging out with Aniston's friends.

The couple released a statement of their separation on Feb.15 to the press.

Enstars reached out to 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' for a comment.