The announcement of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's split might have been abrupt, but the Friends star is reportedly not in a hurry to find a replacement for her ex anytime soon.

It seems like the 49-year-old actress is nowhere near dating anyone for the mean time and chooses to mend her broken heart alone. An Entertainment Tonight source revealed that Aniston and Theroux's split is not a green-light for the former to start dating immediately, at least for now.

"She won't fall in love anytime soon," the insider claimed and added that Aniston's close friends are not leaving her side, making sure she gets the support she needs in this hard time.

Instead of focusing on her split with Theroux, Aniston was said to be leaning toward no one but her career. In fact, she was concerned over how the split would affect her image and work.

Additionally, the source revealed that Aniston hated gossips more than anything.

"She hates the rumor mills and has been on an uptick with projects," the source said.


It is important to note that Aniston and Theroux's split came via a statement made public by her publicist Stephen Huvane. There, the Horrible Bosses actress and The Leftovers actor announced that they are putting an end to their two-year marriage for an unspecified reason.

Aniston and Theroux explained that they were releasing a statement to avoid gossips from fuelling, though the opposite seemed to be happening. This is a nod to the source's claims that the Along Came Polly star is not a fan of unconfirmed articles.

It can be remembered that speculations about Aniston and Theroux's split started last year, when she was seen spending time at their Los Angeles home, far from New York, where her husband was usually seen. This was eyed as the reason for their fallout, citing that they were doing things separately.

Another surfacing rumor was Theroux's desire to have a baby from early on in their relationship, though obviously that did not play out. Even with this, it is not clear whether this had become a deciding factor in their conclusion.

However, even as they announced their split, Aniston and Theroux said they would remain good friends and retain their respect for each other. They also asked fans to respect their privacy during this trying time, and not to believe anything that did not come straight from them. This means that the account from the source should be taken with a grain of salt.