David Eason has been under fire for weeks due to his controversial behavior online, and now, he's being targeted as an unfit parent in new court documents.

Days after the husband of Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2, his former girlfriend, Olivia Leedham, the mother of his young son Kaden, filed shocking documents against him, revealing that she does not feel comfortable allowing Eason to spend time with the child.

On March 1, Radar Online revealed details from Leedham's court filing, which chronicled Eason’s homophobic and drunken behavior and confirmed she was refusing to allow him to see Kaden. Leedham also slammed Eason for violating a court order and exploiting their son for his own benefit on social media.

According to the report, Leedham was granted full custody of her and Eason's son in 2014, and at the same time, a judge denied Eason visitation with the child. Then after failing to take any initiative to see the boy for two years, Eason requested visitation as he began dating Evans and started to appear on Teen Mom 2.

While Eason was ultimately granted time with his child, he was not allowed to include Kaden in any footage from the MTV series and was ordered "to exercise restraint and caution" when posting photos of Kaden on his social media pages.

“Father agrees to request authorization from Mother before posting photos of Kaden,” their agreement stated.

However, as Leedham explained, Eason did not get her approval before sharing a number of photos of their child on social media in the months that followed their agreement. He also reportedly refused to remove the photos from his page after being confronted by Leedham and informed her that he was planning to share more and more images of the boy as time continued.

Leedham went on to note how Eason was recently fired from his role on Teen Mom 2 due to his shocking claims about the LGBT community.

“The Defendant was recently fired from Teen Mom 2 for making homophobic comments on social media and he has suffered backlash from the public as a result of his comments,” she wrote. “Plaintiff does not share Defendant’s views and she is concerned about the effect that being associated with these views may affect Kaden in the future.”

“The defendant does not appear to understand his behavior will adversely affect Kaden and his reputation for his entire life,” Leedham added.

Jenelle Evans will return to MTV later this year for a new season of Teen Mom 2.