It’s safe to say Tiffany Haddish got the side eye from the Beyhive after she spilled a little too much tea about her run-ins with Beyoncé.

Now, the Girls Trip star has responded after Beyonce possibly threw a little shade her way in the singer's latest feature.

Mama, I Made It

Interestingly enough, Haddish reacted to Queen Bey’s alleged jab while she spoke about her new level of success with Entertainment Tonight at the Academy Awards Sunday.

“I made it! Beyonce put my name in a song!” she added after she gave a brief summary of her journey to fame, almost as a point of proof that she had reached the peak of success.

As for her reaction to the song, Haddish gasped and said she thought that was her.

“I was so happy! I’m like, ‘Aw I love me some Beyonce.’ Where them NDAs at so I can sign it?”

Haddish said that despite Beyonce reportedly implying Haddish couldn’t keep a secret, she did receive an invitation to Beyoncé's Oscar Awards after party. Haddish joked that she would ask for the nondisclosure agreement form as soon as she hopped out of the car.

Tiffany Haddish Learns Her Lesson

“I ain’t never saying her name out loud again,” said Haddish.

She also said she wouldn’t speak on anything she witnessed at Beyonce’s star-studded bashHaddish’s comments come after Beyonce reportedly threw shade at her in DJ Khaled’s Top Off featuring Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Future.

Tiffany Haddish Gets Too Chatty?

In the song, Beyonce raps that anyone who wants to hang out with her will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement. It came after Haddish shared a story of Beyoncé coming for another woman who got too close to Jay-Z at a party recently.

Haddish said it was at a party after Jay-Z’s concert last month. She said she was chatting it up with a fellow actress, who was having a conversation with the rapper. The woman, who has remained nameless, got extra handsy and touched Jay-Z’s chest. It didn’t take long for Beyoncé to approach the girl and check her.

This wasn’t the first time Haddish told a story about Beyoncé at a party. In a different interview, Haddish revealed to fans how she stopped her from getting into a fight with another woman. She said Beyonce calmed her down and just reminded her to not let the drama stop her from having a good time.

At least, Haddish has made it clear she’ll sign a nondisclosure agreement with no hesitation.

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