Is Adam Lind Ignoring The Daughter He Shares With 'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska?

According to a new report, former Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is allowed to visit with his daughter Aubree but is failing to do so.

As rumors continue to suggest that the ex-reality star has been abusive to a former girlfriend and may be abusing drugs as well, a source claims Lind is not pursuing any time with eight-year-old Aubree, whom he shares with former girlfriend Chelsea Houska.

“He’s only allowed to see her at the visitation center,” a source told Radar Online on March 5.

While Lind was previously allowed to spend time with his daughter under the supervision of his mother, Donna Lind, his custody arrangement with Houska was modified in January. Now, he's been forced to see her only at a designated meeting place, where a court monitor is present.

Chelsea Houska's Husband Steps Up

Earlier this month, Houska's husband, Cole DeBoer, posted a photo of himself and Aubree at her father/daughter dance at her elementary school and gushed over his sweet stepdaughter. As Radar Online explained, Lind wasn't invited to the dance this year, and last year, he stood up Aubree after previously claiming he would be attending the event.

Houska and DeBoer got married in October 2016 and welcomed a younger sibling for Aubree, their son Watson, 1, months later.

Aubree Still Sees Her Grandparents

Although Lind is not able to see his daughter at his parents' house any longer, their grandparent rights have remained, and one weekend each month, Aubree spends time with them at their home.

Lind “has not taken the initiative to set up a visit with her yet,” the insider explained.

Adam Lind Hasn't Seen Paislee Since August 2017

As for Lind’s other daughter, four-year-old Paislee, who he shares with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur, he hasn’t seen her since August of last year. As Teen Mom 2 fans may have heard, Lind tested positive for drugs during a custody hearing in 2017 and has since been arrested for domestic assault against his former fiancée Stasia Huber.

In addition to not seeing Paislee for several months, Lind has also been failing to pay child support to her mother and reportedly owes Halbur "over $16,000."

Chelsea Houska and her costars are currently in the midst of production on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, but MTV hasn't yet confirmed a premiere date.

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