Tommy Wiseau's Joker audition tape is released and Joaquin Phoenix should be threatened as The Disaster Artist might just snatch the role.

Wiseau is very much into the villain, after all. Since news about a stand-alone film started circulating, The Room actor has been serenading and giving inklings to Warner Bros. that he wanted to play Joker so bad.

So for his "terrifying" tape, as expected, the eccentric actor took his Joker audition to a whole lot of level. This was possibly to poke Warner Bros. to notice Wiseau's talents.

Good thing he has friends at Nerdist to shoot his audition tape. In the clip, Wiseau was shouting, laughing maniacally, all while stating some of his antics from iconic lines delivered by Joker actors Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stranger," Wiseau, in character, said.

Of course, it was terrifying. Fans of Wiseau would probably be familiar with how the actor executes roles in his film, so it was nothing short of his clever performance.

Additionally, in his video, he was given a Batman, although the first one was a Nerdist staff. However, Greg Sestero appeared and acted as if he was Batman.

Obviously, what Wiseau brought to his Joker audition tape was what he was credited for in The Room. He was lauded for his portrayal of Johnny in the 2003 film, in which he showed his creative brilliance.


Just last month after rumors started milling about Phoenix landing the titular role and reportedly already sealing the deal, Wiseau expressed his desire of the crazy villain. In an interview, he initially explained his acting style might not match what was needed for a Joker film.

However, Wiseau also said he would play the part if that's what the people want.

"Definitely, I could play Joker. I think I could do a good job. I mean, I'm into it, very much," he said.

Also, in a not-so-subtle hint, he took to Twitter to share to Todd Phillips, who will direct the Joker standalone film, the news about Phoenix's landing the villain role. Wiseau requested for the filmmaker to "DM me."

What's more is that, a trailer was made starring Wiseau as Joker. An easy A for effort can be given to the guy as he was all for doing everything just to bag the villain role.

Meanwhile, if higher-ups at the Warner Bros. won't change their mind, then at least people got to see just how Wiseau could be Joker through his numerous self-promotions.