Heather Locklear Not Charged With Domestic Violence But With Battery Instead

Heather Locklear is not charged with domestic violence as per her actions toward her boyfriend, but with battery instead for hurting responders in February.

Locklear may have felt relieved that domestic violence charges have vanished but she shouldn't be complacent at all. This is because she is still facing numerous counts of battery for allegedly hurting the responders during the February incident.

To be exact, she is facing four counts of misdemeanor battery for the responders and one for obstructing or resisting an authority.

This stems from Locklear's arrest, after authorities received a call about a disturbance from an altercation between the Melrose Place star and her boyfriend, Chris Heisser, on Feb. 25. Police found the couple in their bedroom with the man holding down the actress, seemingly trying to restrain her.

Heisser alleged that he was being hit by his partner and explained he did not hit Locklear. Locklear allegedly shouted at and kicked personnel who responded to the call.

What Went Down

Police reports stated how Locklear maltreated responding officers in her home in Thousand Oaks, California. One account narrated that the actress went to her room and started to close it when an officer placed his foot on the doorway.

Locklear allegedly kicked the officer just to push his foot away, and it was allegedly too strong that she was able to close the door. The 56-year-old also lashed out at the officers, saying his kids deserve to die.

Police later established that Heisser was actually battered by Locklear. Authorities noticed his nose was bleeding and that his chest was red. He also admitted Locklear hit him too many times for 20 to 30 minutes, although he was not sure of its count.

Just last week, Locklear's home was searched for a firearm. This was because she threatened responding officers in February that she would shoot authorities that would come in her abode.

Tumultuous Years

Locklear had become restless in the eyes of the public, not for films or series, but for occasional squabbles prompting a visit from authorities. Eight years ago, she was charged after hitting a no-parking sign and then fleeing the scene.

The incident was then traced to her car, a 2005 BMW. In 2011, Locklear and her then boyfriend, Jack Wagner, allegedly went into a heated argument that turned physical, which pave the way for a check from the Los Angeles Police Department. However, neither of them pressed charges.

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