Reportedly, Kris Jenner is a very happy mom! The reality star and manager is apparently very pleased with how Travis Scott has been taking care of her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner.  This follows the reports that Jenner had allegedly paid Travis Scott $4 million dollars to stay with Kylie and their newborn daughter, Stormi.

The report was quickly denounced by reps from both Kris and Kylie. According to sources, Kris was initially worried about Scott being there for Kylie but her fears have diminished since Stormi entered the world. 

"Kris is keeping a close eye on Travis and has been pleasantly surprised and impressed with how well he is taking to fatherhood," a source close to the family stated. Since the arrival of his daughter, the rapper has reportedly been very supportive of Kylie and has also stepped into his role as a father.

"Kris is in contact with Kylie all day, every day making sure the new mom has everything she needs while also making sure Travis is treating her well. So far, so good - Stormi, Kylie, and Travis all seem to be happy, which is great for Kris who will continue to keep a close eye on her family,"  the source continues. 

Kylie's Journey To Motherhood

The 20-year-old beauty mogul always wanted to be a mother, according to her friends and close family members. Since the news of the pregnancy began hitting multiple sites, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star remained under the radar and stayed out of the spotlight. 

Jenner didn't officially confirm her pregnancy until four days after her daughter was born. 

my angel baby is 1 month old today A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Mar 1, 2018 at 2:50pm PST

Jenner and Scott's relationship received severe backlash as many fans speculated that Jenner's ex-boyfriend, Tyga, was actually the father of Stormi. Kylie and her mother dismissed this rumor as untrue despite reports suggesting that Tyga wanted to take a paternity test. 

Jenner was also publicly slammed for drinking during a quick getaway with Scott and also leaving their newborn daughter at home.

Kylie recently launched a new makeup line, Weather The Storm, in honor of her daughter.