Kim Kardashian features on the cover of Elle's April issue and, in her cover story, the reality star revealed how organized her house is.

Kardashian's House Has No Labels

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star divulged that her Hidden Hills mansion is label-free, which means that neither her furniture nor her home décor has any kind of reference to a brand.

"It's a label-less house," she said about the mansion, where the staff members also wear uniforms without any kind of logos or patterns. Kardashian also has the labels on water bottles peeled off, which speaks volumes about Kim's attention to detail.

Why Is Kardashian's House Label-Free?

The most logical explanation for the lack of any labels or branding around the house would be that her house also serves as a set for her E! reality series. Therefore, like any form of visual media, a reality series would also require any brands or logos to be blurred or blacked out to avoid paying hefty licensing fees or unauthorized use of a trademark.

Moreover, because of the fact that she's a member of the Kardashian family, a branded product in her house is pretty much an endorsement. The Kardashians get paid thousands of dollars to do just that, after all.

According to a US Weekly article published last year, the KKW Beauty is paid up to $500,000 to promote a brand on Instagram and share it with her 109 million followers.

Kardashian Says She Likes Her House Organized And Clutter-Free

"My life is chaotic, so my home is super simple," she pointed out. "Everything has to be clean. No clutter."

She noted that the same clutter-free rule also applies to her digital life. "I can't have a full phone," she said. "At the end of the day, I delete everything that's not a current conversation. If I need some information, then I keep it. If not, it has to be deleted. I can't see too much noise."

The 37-year-old mother also revealed that she loses her mind if things are not in order or organized around the house. Kardashian, who has three kids with rapper Kanye West, said her children's clothes also have their names labeled onto them.

"I know where everything is, and I. Do. Not. Lose. Things," she exclaimed.