Kendall Jenner Lands ‘Vogue’ Cover: Is Kim Kardashian Jealous?

Keeping up with the Kardashians fans know what Kim's Vogue cover means to her, and she seems jealous of another sister landing it.

Feeling Left Out

Kardashian-West's half-sister Kendall Jenner appears on the Apr. 2018 cover of Vogue US, resplendent in Chanel, tulle and girly pink frills, and accompanied by a Blue Steel-giving cockatoo.

Although her big sister is happy for Kendall, it seems that there's also an element of jealousy there too. Kardashian-West is envious of the younger model's stunning cover and is secretly hoping she'll get her own chance to do the same someday.

"Kim is quietly envious of Kendall's latest Vogue cover. Kim would never say anything other than nice and supportive words about the cover to Kendall, but deep down, Kim wishes it was her on the glam cover," a source revealed.

Kardashian-West has wanted to land a domestic Vogue cover for years. Although she understands that Kendall is more of a model in the traditional sense, she still feels she's earned her own shot too.

It's worth noting that the original Kardashian sister has appeared on the cover of Vogue a number of times before, the most famous of which featured her and her husband Kanye West.

It was seen, at the time, to be a major coup for the reality star, while certain quarters felt it presented a softening of infamous editor Anna Wintour, who's usually very picky about her cover stars.

Still, Kardashian-West won't be satisfied until it's just her covering Vogue US.

"Kim knows it's not the same as being featured alone on the American cover. [She] is desperate for her own spot on the front page and the prestige that comes with it. She feels her star is every bit as bright as Kendall's, and Kim is hoping it will be her turn next for her own Vogue cover," the source continued.

Too Close To Home

Kardashian-West has bigger fish to fry at the moment, however, as she's come under attack from fans for supposedly copying half-sister Kylie Jenner's concealer kits.

KKW Beauty's concealer kits were seen as being released remarkably close to Kylie Cosmetics' recent reveal of the same product. Fans online were not shy about voicing their disappointment with Kardashian-West as a result.

Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, is likely celebrating another Vogue cover to add to the collection. Off-White designer Virgil Abloh explained the supermodel's appeal.

"She exemplifies exactly what inspired me to design women's clothes: She's independent, strong, self-assured. It comes from a place of self-confidence, but with no air of arrogance, which is rare," he gushed.

The accompanying interview finds Kendall discussing her controversial 2017 Pepsi commercial, as well as her romantic life, and taking a break from her busy career.

It wasn't all positive, however, as one particular Twitter user pointed out that Kendall hilariously resembled Allison Janney's Oscar-winning character in I, Tonya on Vogue's cover.

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