Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, got fired from Teen Mom 2 in February and many believed Evans would see the same fate.

Now, as production continues on season eight, a source has spoken out, revealing that Evans has not been booted from the series and will resume production in North Carolina next week with her mother, Barbara Evans, and at least one of her children.

“Jenelle is on the books to film next week. This will be the first time she has filmed since David was fired,” a behind-the-scenes source revealed to The Ashley's Reality Roundup on March 14. “That footage that’s shot will air in the [8B season].

Jenelle Evans believed she may be fired

According to the report, Evans is relieved after fearing she would be fired from Teen Mom 2 due to her husband's homophobic rant last month and his ongoing stream of gun photos, one of which was shared just hours after several students and teachers lost their lives at a Florida school on Feb. 14.

Jenelle Evans' mama drama will be spotlighted

While Evans will be returning for upcoming seasons of Teen Mom 2, her storyline on the show is expected to shift now that her husband and their daughter, one-year-old Ensley, will no longer be on the series. As the outlet explained, Evans' storyline will now focus more on her strained relationship with Barbara, who has had custody of her oldest child, eight-year-old Jace, since shortly after his birth.

Kaiser Griffin, Evans' middle child, is also expected to return to the show.

Jenelle Evans attempted to charge MTV for filming at her home

Days ago, with Evans reportedly living in fear about her possible firing from Teen Mom 2, a source spoke to Radar Online, revealing that Evans had allegedly dealt the network with a number of demands and hired a lawyer to represent her. Among those demands was a reported request that she be given extra money anytime the network films on her property in North Carolina. Ironically, The Ashley confirmed that MTV had previously paid $15,000 to Evans and Eason to film at their home. However, this time around, the network wasn't on board with the extra fee and shot the request down.

According to The Ashley's source, MTV doesn't feel that it is necessary to film at Evans' property and most definitely doesn't want to do so if it means they will be charged. In addition, several members of the film's crew don't want to be anywhere near Eason.