While Beyoncé is hands-on with her and Jay-Z’s twins, the couple are getting extra help for their upcoming On The Run II tour which is reportedly a family affair. The two will reportedly hire a handful of nannies to look after the twins and daughter Blue Ivy, 6.

Nannies Holding Down The Carter Fort

The trio of the famous couple are most likely used to having extra supervision as one insider said they receive non-stop care from their staff. One thing the nannies will enjoy during the highly anticipated tour is Blue Ivy’s sense of style.

“She’s a little fashionista,” said the source. “Blue Ivy loves shopping. When she went to Target, that [video] went viral, but she also loves browsing the shops in Beverly Hills with her parents!”

The little girl will have tons of stores to visit as Beyoncé and Jay-Z have announced a 36-city tour that spans across the United Kingdom and Europe and includes 21 cities in North America as well.

This will be the couple's first tour together since they opened up on their marital woes in their solo albums. Beyonce’s "Lemonade" revealed Jay-Z’s infidelity while his 4:44 album confirmed Beyonce’s claims and revealed how he was able to keep their family together.

How Beyoncé And Jay-Z Show Love

Now, experts say the couple's body language shows they are still very much in love. Body language expert Blanca Cobb broke down their romance in some of their most popular poses together.

Those times Jay-Z is leaning over into his wife’s space is a good thing.

“You can tell he’s comfortable and confident… With his right hand, he’s bringing his wife’s knee closer, which sends a message to the world, ‘She’s mine, she’s taken. Back off – look, but don’t touch,” said Cobb.

Cobb also stated that Jay-Z makes a similar non-verbal statement when he touches her calf. Since that is something considered an intimate body part, it makes a romantic statement and gesture.

What Their Body Language Reveals

The same holds true when Jay-Z is seen holding Beyonce around the waist.

“He’s supporting her physically and figuratively,” said Cobb.

According to Cobb, Beyonce has to be comfortable enough to lean back into Jay-Z as he rests his hand on her waist because he’s behind her and she “can’t see what [he’s] doing.”

Cobb also pointed out that Beyonce rarely ever pulls away from Jay-Z’s public affection, which speaks volumes in itself.

In their hand-holding situations, Cobb said the hand on the top is the one that holds the power. With Jay-Z and Beyoncé, they tend to alternate.

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