Gen Art and Jurassic Park are both celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and it's the perfect time for a collaboration. Dinosaurs and dresses, together at last.

Dressing The Part

It's just a few more months to go before Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom lands in theaters, too, so the timing couldn't be better. The dinosaur fever is at an all-time high, with fans eagerly anticipating the next installment in the world-conquering franchise.

Universal Brand Development announced the partnership with Gen Art yesterday, with the full collection set to launch exclusively at Macy's on March 28. Gen Art x Jurassic Park 25th is a limited-edition apparel collection inspired by the upcoming anniversary of the Spielberg classic.

The line features a variety of menswear, womenswear, and unisex designs brandished with anniversary logo patches in colors and motifs inspired by the movie. It was designed by Phoebe Dahl, the Los Angeles-based and newly-appointed creative director of Gen Art.

The collection, which is made entirely in L.A., is the first of 10 Gen Art-Universal Pictures fashion collections engineered to give emerging designers more attention.

Being Ellie Sattler

Although the temptation is there to emulate Laura Dern's butt-kicking feminist scientist look from the movie, Dahl is careful to take a less traditional approach to designing the collection.

"I looked a little bit deeper and went into dinosaur prints, dinosaur eyes or even just jungle prints with safari silhouettes like jumpsuits, khakis or Laura Dern's button-up shirt. But all of it is made of more elevated fabrics," she explained.

The designer watched Jurassic Park several times over, screen-grabbing different parts for consideration later.

"If you haven't watched it recently, you definitely should. You kind of forget what an epic movie it is. It has this magical realism to it that allows you to escape into a completely different world," she gushed.

Think Of The Dinos

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to 2015's billion-Dollar-making Jurassic World, storms into theaters June 22. Universal has been marketing the film to within an inch of its life for months, pushing the so-called Dinosaur Protection Group on social media in an effort to raise awareness for the preservation of the prehistoric creatures.

The upcoming movie sees the return of stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt venturing back to Isla Nublar to save as many dinos as possible from extinction in the shadow of a rumbling volcano. Jeff Goldblum is reprising his iconic role as Dr. Ian Malcolm, much to the delight of fans.

The Dinosaur Protection Group now has its own dedicated website, and even a video PSA, which has the dual purpose of spreading awareness and promoting the movie at the same time.