Kim Kardashian's Surrogate: Did Ellen DeGeneres Reveal Her Identity?

Fans don’t have to look any further. Talk show host and funny girl Ellen DeGeneres jokingly revealed the identity of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s mysterious surrogate.

Only Ellen DeGeneres

Of course, it was all laughs when DeGeneres revealed herself as the surrogate who carried Kardashian and West’s youngest child, daughter Chicago. She sported a short dark wig complete with forehead bangs, a white sweater, and a fake baby bump.

In true DeGeneres form, she planted herself into the 14th season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the episode where Kardashian introduced the actual surrogate to her family. A friendly and hilarious DeGeneres inserted herself and greeted the women as she made herself at home.

She jokingly requested a bottle of beer but changed it up when she got the side eye considering she was supposed to be pregnant.

“Shoot,” said DeGeneres. “I just remembered I’m not allowed to have alcohol – do you have wine?”

She took a break from asking for liquor while pregnant and instead tried to get pictures with Kardashian. She completed the moment when she stole from Kris Jenner’s purse.

“I kept it pretty quiet,” DeGeneres told her audience. “I’m still doing my Kegel exercises.”

The Real Surrogate Is Still A Secret

Compared to the real scene that aired earlier this month, DeGeneres at least had the outfit down correctly. The family decided not to show the real surrogate’s face on television when she met Kardashian’s sister and mother.

Kylie Jenner commended the mystery woman for being willing to help Kardashian and West have their third child. The surrogate also seemed to be appreciative of the opportunity and said she was just happy to be able to help.

While there was no wallet stealing on the actual scene, the woman and Jenner did have a sentimental moment.

“Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible, we can’t say thank you enough,” said Jenner.

Why Kimye Wanted A Surrogate

Kardashian and West welcomed baby Chicago thanks to the surrogate on January 15. Kardashian announced the news and showed gratitude for the surrogate’s good deed on social media.

News of Kardashian and West’s decision to hire a surrogate went public last June. Kardashian said she decided to go that route because her doctor warned her against carrying for another pregnancy after she was diagnosed with placenta accreta when carrying her and West’s second oldest child, Saint.

For now, Kardashian said she’s still open to having another child.

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