Candace Cameron Bure revealed the secret to her long marriage to Valeri Bure. The Fuller House star credits her faith with her happy family life.

The Secret To Long-Term Happiness

Bure has been married for 22 years, and she has three teenage children. Hence, she and her husband have to take a break sometimes.

"I just came back from Switzerland two days ago with my husband. We do like to travel and get away from everything ... We want alone time, you know what I mean?" she revealed.

Lending support to each other and their children played important roles in their relationship, but what Bure credits with the continued strength of her marriage is her religious faith.

"The reality is the glue for us is Jesus. It's the Bible. ... When there are arguments ... it's always like, 'Well, let's just go back to the Bible.' It's the foundation for us," she explained.

An Open Relationship

Bure attended the Kids' Choice Awards in L.A. with her daughter, Natasha. On the red carpet, she preached the idea of parents staying close to their kids so that their children will feel confident about confiding in them.

"It's so important to engage with your kids constantly. I talk with them nonstop ... But it's important to let them know that you're there for them no matter what. ... [So that] they don't feel scared to be able to talk to us," she said.

The Fuller House star admitted that things are much harder for kids nowadays, given the prevalence of social media. She acknowledged that the wealth of information available online is a great tool, but there's a dark side to it, too.

The Power Of Speech

Bure was vocally supportive of those who marched on Saturday to protest against gun violence, particularly of the young teens leading the charge.

The actress professed that she was very proud, as a mother, of all the young people involved and that she tries to teach her children to use their voices for change in a similar way.

The actress may be known for her good girl character on Full House, a role she later reprised on Fuller House, but Bure took on an edgier look for the KCAs this year.

The actress chose a white cropped T-shirt, leather skirt, and pink satin booties for the event, which was a major change from her usual pared-down, polished style.

Despite how different she looked, it didn't deviate from her usual classic monochrome go-to look for this particular awards show.