Fergie's greatest gift is her son, Axl Jack, which she reveals on her Instagram as she celebrates her 43rd birthday.

The 4-year-old boy dressed up as Harry Potter recently, complete with the Gryffindor robe and tie, a wand, the wizard's round glasses, and the iconic scar on the forehead. The "Glamorous" singer shared the photo to her 4.4 million followers on Instagram. The adorable and awe-inspiring photo as of writing garnered more than 72,000 likes.

"[M]y most magical birthday gift ever #AxlJack," Fergie, whose real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, said.

Love's End

Axl Jack is her son with former sweetheart Josh Duhamel. The two called it quits in December, promising to become friends and good parents to the kid.

Additionally, they are one former couple to admire, as they remain close even after falling out of the relationship. Duhamel was quick to defend Fergie for her blunder in the controversial and recent performance at the NBA All-Star game.

Fergie's unique rendition of the national anthem, "Star-Spangled Banner," did not sit well with most of the audience. Duhamel, in an interview, described the former Black Eyed Peas member as "crazy talented."

Fergie's Birthday Wish

It seemed that she couldn't ask for more for her birthday, sans what probably had the internet abuzz lately: #WhoBitBeyonce. Fergie is not the first one to express interest on the singer's biter though, as there are loads of people and even celebrities who are wondering who the mysterious attacker might be.

"[F]or my birthday today, can someone spill #WhoBitBeyonce pretty please?" Fergie wrote.

However, all those in the know had been keeping mum on who's at fault in this incident. One of the latest to be accused is actress Sanaa Lathan, though she denied this via a tweet.

The big question, and an accompanying hashtag at that, stemmed from a December party incident that Tiffany Haddish recently revealed. The media was set ablaze when her interview came out, though she didn't name Beyoncé's biter.

Fergie echoed Chrissy Teigen's recent wish, though the latter finally got the key information to this crisis. But the singer shouldn't nudge the model, as the wife of John Legend is solid on her stance, which is to keep quiet about this matter.

So Fergie's birthday wish is understandable, as the big question still remains unanswered. Beyoncé is also keeping her silence all throughout this mess, so the accused is still innocent.