Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy tied the knot on Monday, March 26. If there's any couple fit to "live long and prosper," it's this one.

The couple has an impressive combined Star Trek pedigree with Nimoy being the son of franchise legend Leonard Nimoy and Farrell an actress in the 90s live-action series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Mr. And Mrs. Adam Nimoy

Film critic Scott Mantz broke the news, posting a selfie of the newlyweds on his Twitter page. He revealed that the couple got married at the San Francisco City Hall.

Farrell, 54, retweeted the post and has even added "Aka: Mrs. Adam Nimoy" to her Twitter bio. She also expressed her gratitude to all well-wishers in a pinned tweet in her account.

Nimoy, 61, and Farrell got engaged back in August 2017, according to Page Six. He has two children from a previous marriage to Nancy, while she has one son with ex-husband Brian Baker.


Several members of the extended Star Trek family reached out with their congratulations to the newlyweds, including Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager), Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), and Hana Hatae (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).

Producer David Zappone, who executive produced the Nimoy-helmed 2016 documentary For the Love of Spock, also posted a heartfelt message for the couple on Twitter.

Paying Tribute To Spock

The date is a significant one, especially for Nimoy, as his late father would have celebrated his 87th birthday on their wedding day. Leonard, who played the iconic Spock, passed away in 2015.

Even with a happy wedding, Nimoy remembered to pay tribute to the iconic actor on Twitter. His sister Julie, who is a filmmaker as well, also went online to wish Leonard a happy birthday.