Steven Spielberg is a fan of Carl's Jr.'s food. But, this doesn't mean that the director will allow the name "Spielburgers" to happen.

On Monday, March 26, Carl's Jr. decided to pay homage to the acclaimed director in line with the release of Spielberg's Ready Player One on March 29. This was done with a tweet and an attached clip showing a dramatic look at a burger.

"BIG NEWS GUYS!! As a tribute to the legendary director of #ReadyPlayerOne, we're going to change the name of our Charbroiled Sliders to #SpielBurgers," the restaurant wrote.

It added that it did not hear from Spielberg about this, but they were "pretty sure he'll be down with it." This was just one of its stunts in order to get the attention of the award-winning director.

Carl's Jr. had been taking it to Twitter to share update on its efforts on reaching out to Spielberg when they went to Amblin Entertainment in a bid to personally hand to the director a plate of Spielburgers. However, they failed their mission but made sure to drop some note on the car of their intended recipient.

Not Going To Happen

However, even with Carl's Jr.'s efforts to get the seal of approval, the 71-year-old filmmaker still didn't give the green light on Spielburgers. Additionally, he felt the opposite of what the food shop believed, as what was evident on a clip uploaded by Amblin Entertainment.

In the video, Spielberg admitted that he was a fan of the food chain's burgers and acknowledged the ongoing circulating intention of Carl's Jr. to incorporate his name to their product. However, he was firm about one thing: He doesn't want his name attached to "burger."

"They're pretty good, but I'm passing. Cease and desist. You can't do it. Sorry guys," Spielberg said.

Warner Bros. also made sure Carl's Jr. got Spielberg's message loud and clear. The company took to Twitter to appreciate the attention and love given by the joint to Ready Player One though it's a No for the Spielburgers.

Still Good

Carl's Jr. accepted Spielberg's decline on Spielburgers, saying they are "fine with that," and instead highlighted the director's being a fan of their burgers. After all, any publicity would do them good, especially a testimony from a highly acclaimed as the one they recently interacted with.

That said, it is not clear whether this is a promotional deal between Warner Bros., Spielberg, and Carl's Jr., but what is established is that Spielburgers is not happening as of now.