'We Don't Like To Talk Husbands, Right?' Roseanne Barr's Clap Back For Wendy Williams Goes Viral

Actress Roseanne Barr handed television talk show host Wendy Williams the ultimate clap back Wednesday.

Barr was a guest on Williams’s daytime talk show amid the return of the popular sitcom Roseanne.

Roseanne Barr Wins This Round

All was well with the women at the beginning of the interview but it didn’t take long for things to go left when Williams questioned Barr about her ex-husband Tom Arnold.

She asked Barr how she felt about The Hollywood Reporter hiring Arnold to review the Roseanne reboot. Barr made it clear she didn’t read what Arnold had to say.

That wasn’t enough for Williams as she continued to press Barr about Arnold. First, Barr in turn referenced Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan.

Fans might remember McGowan accused Weinstein of sexual harassment recently. Williams then asked about Arnold again. Barr was clearly ready to end the conversation when she responded with what fans have described as the best clap back ever.

“I don’t like talking about husbands. Right, Wendy?” asked Barr.

Wendy Won't Give Up

Williams appeared to be taken aback with Barr’s comment. Still, she continued to read an excerpt of Arnold’s review after she said she didn’t think husbands are a topic that is off-limits.

She read the part in which Arnold listed some of his worst moments with Barr such as when she took out his hair transplants just after he had an operation. Williams pointed out that Arnold said if he can watch another episode of the show, viewers should be able to tune in again, too.

While Barr said she thought Arnold was being shady, Williams said what he said wasn’t bad. Willams finally switched the conversation to the controversial topics the reboot is set to address.

Does Wendy's Husband Have A Secret Life?

As for Barr’s comment on not speaking about husbands, she was possibly referring to reports that Williams’s husband, Kevin Hunter, has been having an affair for nearly a decade. Hunter was reportedly living with both Williams and a woman named Sharina Hudson. The two homes were said to be less than 10 miles away from each other.

Willams addressed the rumors on her show just hours after they made headlines. She played coy as she said she enjoyed being the subject of the news instead of just reporting it. She added the “weird story” was not true and made it clear she supported Hunter.

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