Meghan Markle's First Kiss Talks About Their Big Smooch When They Were 13

Meghan Markle will soon have her first kiss as a royal, but her first ever kiss was back in the early '90s.

Like a lot of teenagers, her first kiss was in camp, shared with Joshua Silverstein, who reveals more details on their smooch in an interview with Inside Edition.

Markle's First Kiss At Camp

While it may be difficult to pull these details from Markle now, it was actually her who divulged whom she shared her first kiss with in an interview with Larry King back in 2013.

"It was in L.A., it wasn't in a Catholic school," Markle recounts. "Joshua Silverstein, I was 13, it was like a summer camp, and I kissed him."

Years later, the Suits actress ended up in the entertainment industry, and it turns out her first smooch partner did as well. Silverstein is now a beatboxer on The Late Late Show with James Corden and Drop the Mic.

When they were teenagers, though, the duo were nerds, the musician says.

"We met at a theater camp in about '93, '94 — we were theater nerds," Silverstein tells Inside Edition, saying that the soon-to-be royal was a very sweet girl back then.

"It was theater so we were all awkward in our own ways but she was a typical teenage girl."

Just as Markle revealed a few years ago, the musician recalls that it was the actress who made the first move.

"She worked up the courage and just made a move and I was probably surprised by it and I didn't know it was going to happen but it happened," he says, explaining that it wasn't his first kiss. "I don't remember what the kiss felt like. I was 13."

Kind Words, Rap From Him To Her

Silverstein is now married with two children, but the Drop the Mic musician reminisces about their innocent teenage romance by beatboxing to a rap about it in a video sent to Access Online.

The video shows Silverstein spitting beats to the show's head writer Eliza Skinner's rap about the now-famous kiss.

"It's Joshua, the cutest beatboxer I've seen," Skinner raps. "And he kissed Meghan Markle when they were 13. Oh no, no one would guess. My dude kissed a real-life princess."

Even if it's been about 25 years since the two of them shared a kiss in camp, The Late Late Show staple believes his old friend will do a good job on her new role as a royal wife to Prince Harry and public figure.

"I think that because Meghan has a great head on her shoulders and she's smart, she won't squander the opportunity to do some good," Silverstein explains to Inside Edition. "I think she'll use her duchess duties, or the power she gets from all this, to make a difference."

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