Theater Mania announced that Lin-Manual Miranda will be adapting Tommy Wiseasu's film The Room as a Broadway musical and fans are crushed that it is just an April Fool's joke.

'The Room: The Broadway Musical'

The announcement came via the theater's official website and it sounded so believable because of the details that accompanied it. A promotional poster plays around the faces of Miranda and Wiseasu: it combined their facial features.

"Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tommy Wiseau's The Room: The Broadway Musical is on the road to Broadway," reads the subheadline on the announcement.

The announcement also came with a list of cast for the said Broadway production. The starry cast include Mark Rylance as Johnny, Annaleigh Ashford as Johnny's future wife Lisa, Patti LuPone as Lisa's mother, Justin Guarini as Johnny's best friend, and Andrew Keenan-Bolger, another sort-of-friend. Miranda even stars in the fake Broadway musical as the psychologist named Peter.

The theater also provided a selection of songs for the musical divided into two. Act 1 has 16 and Act 2 has 14 songs.

According to the April Fool's announcement, the writer-filmmaker expressed his interest to bring The Room to Broadway weeks ago. Wiseasu eventually turned to Miranda for help. Theater Mania claimed that it exclusively learned that the Hamilton creator will bring the film to the Great White Way.

At the very end of the announcement is where the theater revealed that The Room Broadway is a sham.

"Happy April Fool's Day," reads the joke.


Miranda has since taken to his Twitter to respond to the April Fool's prank and called it "all very premature." He also jived with the joke and said, "[We'll] try it out of town in San Francisco." While some fans picked up on the farce right away, others were hopeful that Miranda was actually going to do a Broadway musical of The Room.

Sadly, fans were crushed after Miranda followed up with another tweet about it being an April Fool's joke. He gave credit to Theater Mania for the prank.

"I know this is an April fool's joke but god I wish it wasn't," one fan commented.

"What makes me upset here is that I've wanted this to be made for years now, don't punk me," another wrote.

However, Miranda did admit that he watched The Room during a workshop.

"So this was a great joke and all (WELL DONE @theatermania & @avb I take no credit) but WE REALLY DID watch The Room while workshopping Hamilton at Vassar," Miranda tweeted.