Jennifer Garner took to social media on Monday to tell her fans that her pet chicken Regina George has died. The actress created a video montage as a tribute to the beloved animal.

RIP Regina George

Garner told her 1.3 million Instagram followers that Regina George died from natural causes on March 20. The actress did not reveal the exact cause of the chicken's death but she mourned its passing all the same.

The Alias star created a short video as a tribute to the family pet. The clip is a montage of scenes from when Garner used to walk the poultry on a leash in their backyard. The video opens showing Regina George quietly sitting beside the actress on the grass.

Then Garner is seen walking the chicken on a blue leash while she reads a newspaper. The animal appears contented to be walked with a leash and a harness. The pair then sat side by side on a swinging couch as Garner reads to the chicken.

The 45-year-old Garner owns several chickens. She sometimes poses with them on her social media account. However, it is obvious that Regina George was her favorite. The Miracles from Heaven actress admitted this in one of the hashtags she captioned the video with.

"Please enjoy this tribute to Chicken Regina George who passed away from natural causes," Garner captioned the video along with the chicken and heartbreak emoji. She also added the hashtags #shewasourfavorite, #RIP, and #shelivedagoodlife.

Garner buried the family's beloved pet chicken and even made a plaque for her. Regina George lived with the family for nearly a year from July 9, 2017.



Fans of Mean Girls may have an idea as to whom Garner based the chicken's name from. Regina George was the meme-worthy character that Rachel McAdams portrayed in the 2004 film. It seems the Love, Simon actress favored the name enough to call her pet chicken as Regina George. It is unknown though whether the animal also had a mean streak like McAdam's character.

Garner first introduced Regina to her social media fans in November with a photo that shows her walking the chicken.

"If there isn't a Chicken Lady Day, there really should be. Man, my life gets more exciting all the time. Meet one of our ladies, Regina George. Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, and kale. Regina hates....carbs," Garner captioned the photo.