Pharrell is probably one of the most profound artists in the Hip Hop and Pop genres, but his creativity extends far more than being a rapper and a singer.

The groundbreaking record producer continues to exceed all expectations as he has become a household name in the entertainment and fashion industry.   

On Thursday, April 5, the ten-time Grammy-winning artist celebrated his 45th birthday and what better way to celebrate him than with the reasons why he will forever be the Greatest of All Time.

Here are the top five reasons why Pharrell will always be timeless.

The Versatility Of His Tracks

There's no denying that Skateboard P isn't capable of creating hits. The Billionaire Boys Club owner has dominated the Billboard charts with a trio of hits that included, Robin Thicke's, "Blurred Lines," in which T.I. was featured on. Then, there was Daft Punk's, "Get Lucky" and finally, Pharrell's solo single, "Happy," which was highlighted on the Despicable Me soundtrack.

Advocate For Saving The Earth

Along with sharing his many talents, Pharrell has used his superstar status to raise awareness of climate change. The songwriter has made his shoe collaboration with Adidas eco-friendly and has continuously invested in an eco-textile brand that creates high-performance fabrics from old plastic bottles.

ILL Fashion Sense

Pharrell has not only created staples in fashion, but he has become one. It makes sense why he was voted as the "Best Dressed Man in the World" in 2005. Fans of the singer will probably never forget how he made his infamous 2014 "Grammy Hat" a thing. The brown hat easily became one of the most-talked-about accessories in history.

Pharrell Supports Those In Need

The fashion designer might wear many hats, but he's never too busy to spend some time helping others. Pharrell currently supports right different causes and has established his own not-for-profit foundation called, From One Hand to AnOTHER (FOHTA). The organization focuses on empowering young people to learn new technologies, arts, and media and offers free after-school programs and Innovation camps.

Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth

Pharrell might have had quite the career, but it seems like he has no intentions of going on a hiatus anytime soon. The rapper recently collaborated with Big Sean, Migos' Quavo, Rae Sremmurd for a song titled, "Aries (Yugo), Pt. 2. The new single is a remix of music producer's Mike WILL's "Aries (YuGO). Although it has not been confirmed rumors surfaced that Pharrell will possibly release a new song with Daft Punk.