Busy Phillips Denies Exploiting Friend Michelle Williams' Relationship With Heath Ledger 10 Years After His Death

Actor Busy Phillips opened up about the photo in which she comforted her best friend Michelle Williams on the anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death. Phillips shut down speculation that she had the wrong motives when she posted the picture.

Busy Says She Didn't Exploit Her BFF

Phillips made headlines after she shared a photo of her and Williams together on the day that marked 10 years since Ledger passed away unexpectedly. She included the caption, “it’s ok.”

Some of her followers were here for Phillips being there for her friend publicly, but others made it clear they thought Phillips just wanted attention on the day. She spoke out and said that the accusations were not true.

“I think some people felt like I was being exploitative,” said Phillips in a profile interview with The Cut. “I’ve never even really spoken about [Ledger’s death], because I never would want to have it to be misconstrued in that way, but it was the ten-year anniversary, and…”

Phillips couldn’t finish her statement as she started to tear up. She later revealed she received lots of criticism from fans who thought she shouldn’t speak on Ledger’s death at all. Still, Phillips added it’s a rare moment when she does, and pointed out that she always has Williams and her daughter’s best interest at heart.

“I’ve never talked about it,” added Phillips. “…because I’m hyper protective of [Williams] and her daughter.”

Phillips explained that the last decade certainly has not been easy. She revealed that the anniversary of Ledger’s passing not only made her realize how much time had passed, but also caused many emotions to resurface. Although Williams and Ledger weren’t together when he passed, Phillips said she still has lots of feelings about his death.

As for Williams, it might be safe to say she wasn’t offended by Phillips’ post.

Busy And Michelle Are Real Friends

Phillips typically makes an intentional effort to support Williams and her family. Fans might remember she gave Williams a shoutout when she snagged her fifth Golden Globe nomination earlier this year.

The feelings seem to be mutual between the two best friends whose connection goes back to their time on Dawson’s Creek. Williams, who has experienced a bit of drama in her career this year, commended Phillips with having this unique ability to make people “fall in love with her” just moments after they meet for the first time. She said they have been close since they met on the set of the popular teen drama.

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