Stan Lee Is Reportedly A Victim Of Physical, Verbal, And Psychological Abuse


Stan Lee, who gave life to most of the beloved and iconic Marvel superheroes, is now the center of a nasty controversy that he was abused by his daughter.

At 95, Lee's supposed-to-be glamorous life off-cam has been given light in a report by The Hollywood Reporter, and plain as day, it was far from that. The outfit obtained the comics legend's Feb. 13 declaration he signed with his lawyer Tom Lallas's presence. The statement accused three men, Jerardo Olivarez, Kirk Schenck, and Keya Morgan of taking advantage of her daughter, J.C., to get his properties, among many others.

After Lee made and had the declaration notarized, Lallas and trusty household staff were kicked out of the old man's life. They were quickly replaced by some with connections with the abovementioned persons. Morgan then released a video showing comic-book writer denouncing his very own claims on the statement.

Abused By Daughter

However, what's more harrowing about the in-depth report is how Lee, who made cameos in most of Marvel films, is treated by her troubled daughter, whom the genius behind Doctor Strange and Black Panther described as the total opposite of a wise-spender. It was revealed in the document that he oftentimes gets into arguments with his daughter, who becomes hysterical and insulting if he didn't yield to her demands.

Bradley J. Herman, who used to work for one of the pillars of the Marvel world, narrated a 2014 altercation where J.C. vented out her anger to her parents verbally before escalating physically. The incident was about a Jaguar rented by Lee, and when she knew about that, she called her mom and dad "fucking stupid."

 J.C. then grabbed her mom's arm and pushed her to a window before the latter fell on the floor. Upon seeing this, Lee tried to stop the madness and told his daughter he would cut her credit cards. This seemed to have worsen the situation as J.C. slammed her dad's head. As a result, both of the victims suffered injuries.

Matriarch's Death

It was believed that the turmoil on Lee's family began after the demise of his beloved wife, Joan, called Joanie by many, last year. After her death, the patriarch was left to look after the rest of the family. The chaos that abounded his family had already been predicted because of many reasons.

First, Lee is a people-pleaser, which means he tends to say things people want to hear. Then there's his lack of wise judgement in terms of financial matters, and last, his lack of trust in banks, which was why he kept his plenty cold cash in his house.

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