Fans who are eager to see a backstory of the supervillain Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War will be disappointed. He'll be left mostly as a mystery.

The Mystery Of Thanos

Speaking of the hugely anticipated superhero mash-up film, directors John and Anthony Russo revealed that certain story elements have been understandably left on the cutting room floor.

Most notably, Thanos's backstory won't be elaborated or even discussed in detail at all.

"We were considering showing [Thanos'] backstory, but ultimately felt it wasn't necessary for the movie," explained Anthony Russo.

However, fans who are worried that there won't be enough of the big purple guy, in general, can rest easy. The Russos promised that the Infinity War will still be told from his perspective.

The Big Bad Purple Guy

The Big Bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been curiously sidelined for years. However, following the failure of his colleagues to seemingly get anything done, the Mad Titan is finally taking the reins himself in the next Avengers movie.

Josh Brolin is set to play the purple-skinned villain in this movie and the second installment, due next year.

Part of the film's action takes place on his home planet of Titan. The main story sees Thanos turning his attention to obtaining the all-important Infinity Stones so he can bend the universe to his will.

Justice For Hawkeye

The marketing for the upcoming flick has stepped into overdrive in recent weeks ahead of its April 27 release date, which was moved up earlier this year in an effort to corner the start of the blockbuster season.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed one big exception from much of the promotional material, however, as Hawkeye hasn't shown up in any of the posters or trailers just yet.

Clint Barton, as he is to his friends, has last appeared in Captain America: Civil War. However, he is speculated to show up in Infinity War because everybody else in the Marvel canon is.

The Russos neither confirm nor deny Hawkeye's fate, but they did promise that fans won't be disappointed by the final product.

"All will be explained when people see the movie. dread. It's all tied into the story," said Anthony Russo.

The co-director did confirm that the bow-wielding superhero, played by Jeremy Renner, is definitely in the film, though. More importantly, he's rocking a brand new look, including a mohawk.

Avengers: Infinity War is projected to open at approximately $200 million. Fan favorites Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, and The Guardians of the Galaxy are all set to appear together onscreen for the very first time, so anticipation is understandably at an all-time high.