Two weeks after being transferred to a halfway house from a prison, Abby Lee Miller is going out to head to a hospital.

TMZ reported that the medics were called in the Residential Reentry Center, where the former Dance Moms star is currently finishing her sentence, for a health emergency. Miller was taken to a hospital for a still unspecified reason.

Sources say she was still able to walk out of the facility toward the ambulance that will take her to the hospital, so fans can just hope she is in a better state now.

Getting Pampered

With the latest emergency situation, it is still unclear if it was from an accident or a health concern. However, it was just earlier this month when paparazzi were able to snap photos of a healthy-looking Miller as she heads out to get her nails done. It was nothing out of the ordinary though for the protocol in the halfway house, as it was part of helping people reintegrate easier back to the society.

She looked happy during her outing and seemed to be in high spirits as she posed for the camera. She also went to church on Easter Sunday, and again, gamely played it for the cameras as she gave a thumbs up. Her Sunday service was also fun-filled as she met a former student, Mackenzie Sol. As per a source, she is doing well in her stay in the halfway house.

"Abby seems like she's adjusting well," the insider claimed.


Serving her sentence in prison had help Miller change for the better, it seemed. She lost a significant amount of weight, as evident on a photo that circulated. She also finished a real estate class, which she can put to good use once she comes out.

It was just late March when Miller was transferred from the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution to the halfway house to serve her last days of her one-year sentence. She is set for release on May 25.

The 51-year-old choreographer was put behind bars after being charged with 20 counts of fraud for hiding $755,000 of income from the government in 2015. By 2016, she pleaded guilty, after which she got prison sentence of 366 days and she had to pay $160,000 in fines.

Miller was supposed to be facing five years in prison and millions in fines. She cited fame as the culprit for her actions in the past, saying it got to her head.

"Somehow you got caught up in the world of fame and you lost your moral compass," she explained.