Carrie Underwood 'Was Terrified' To Show Her Scars, Fans Call Her Out For Looking The Same

Carrie Underwood has reportedly felt afraid to show her full face for the first time since her accident. Still, her fans could barely tell the difference.

Carrie Bares All

Underwood attended the Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday night and delivered an emotional performance of her new single "Cry Pretty." It was the first time that fans and viewers were able to see her face again since an ugly fall outside of her home last November.

Since then, Underwood managed to stay out of the public eye while she had been recovering. Although she received an overwhelming amount of support for fans, an insider revealed that the American Idol winner was extremely afraid to reveal her insecurities to the viewers and her peers in the audience.

The source said Underwood opted out of the red carpet in hopes of avoiding questions about her face.

“It’s the most shaken anyone has ever seen her … this whole ordeal,” added the source to PEOPLE. “She was terrified of people seeing her scars.”

The source went on to say that her glam squad might have felt the stress from the country singing sensation as well.

Fans Don't See The Difference

Underwood, who donned a silver dress and glitter under her eyes for her performance, had second thoughts about showing her face. However, fans headed to Twitter saying that they really couldn't tell the difference.

“Really?!? @ACMAwards we’re giving Carrie underwood a standing ovation for coming back after having stitches to her face and looking – exactly the same – after making a huge ridiculous deal about it?” asked one fan before they called Underwood “vain.”

Another called out Underwood for playing up her injuries. They said Underwood’s face was nothing compared to those who really do suffer life-changing alterations after accidents.

One fan kept it simple and said Underwood was overreacting.

Another one used a GIF to show how hard they were looking for changes in Underwood’s face.

One suggested Underwood allegedly exaggerated her facial injuries for more support of an upcoming album.

Another fan got help from a magnifying glass to prove their point as they said Underwood’s face looks exactly the same. They also said Underwood should show whatever scar she does have to help her younger fans instead of hiding it.

One said she wanted to see a comparison of Underwood’s face before and after to see if she could tell the difference.

Another used a photo of Underwood and her guitarist to say the musician couldn’t tell the difference either.

One made it clear that most fans were simply confused.

Another accused Underwood of having plastic surgery.

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