What better way to move on than to get back with your first love. This was what Jenna Dewan did when she turned to her passion, dancing, after her split with Channing Tatum.

Dewan has re-earthed her love for dancing through a video she uploaded on her YouTube account, and she's definitely still good. This was the first clip after she and Tatum called it quits early this month. It is titled A Little Dance.

"Inspired by this cove, this song, and voila! Love love love xx," the description said.

The newly single 37-year-old actress noticeably had no ring on, as she danced to the beat of Henry Green's "Something." Clad in a white lacey dress, barefoot Dewan looked stunning and much like she came out of a Twilight film.

After The Split

Fortunately, Dewan is moving ahead after her split with Tatum. Days after the announcement, she was seen on the set of her newly snatched TV show Mixtape. Not only that, she is also set to return to host World of Dance.

Dewan has her family to thank, who has been with her 100 percent. A source shared the actress drove to Barbara, California to spend time with her family during a weekend.

Apart from this, she also returned the love she is getting from her loyal fans and supporters. Wearing a white sleeveless cropped top and maxi skirt with the scenic beach as the backdrop, Dewan expressed her gratefulness for the people who supported her at the moment through the photo she uploaded on Instagram. 

Love Story

Dewan was discovered as she was a backup dancer for big names in the biz, such as Janet Jackson and Pink. Her breakthrough was probably with the film Step Up, where she was paired opposite Tatum in 2006. Three years after, they tied the knot in Malibu.

They were blessed with a daughter, Everly, whose birthday is in May. Meanwhile, Dewan and Tatum shocked everyone when they released a joint statement on social media about their decision, and explained that they did so to avoid confusion and to refrain people from putting words in their mouths.

"Absolutely nothing has changed about how much we love one another, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths now," their statement read.

But of their decision, the former couple said there was no nasty controversy or event that pushed them to make the decision. They requested the public to respect their privacy on the matter.