Prince Harry made his brother feel special when he asked him to be his best man for his highly anticipated wedding to American actress Meghan Markle.

Brothers, Best Men

It's a little surprise that William, 35, was chosen to stand next to the soon-to-be groom as he ties the knot. After all, the pair grew up close and the Duke of Cambridge also picked Harry, 33, to be his best man when he married Kate Middleton in 2011.

When asked how he broke the news to his older brother, People reports that Harry had a cheeky answer for the press during an official visit at the Greenhouse Center in London on Thursday, April 26.

"How did I ask? Got down on one knee," Harry responds good-naturedly to a query about telling his brother about his choice of best man. "He's known for months."

It's an honor that William does not take lightly.

"It feels great," he says about being best man at the upcoming royal wedding. "Thrilled and delighted, obviously."

William is also looking forward to his wedding toast, often a chance for the best man to tell a few sweet and potentially embarrassing anecdotes about the groom.

"Revenge is sweet," the duke teased, implying his younger brother made a memorable toast during his wedding.

Kensington Palace announced that William is going to be Harry's best man, posting a series of adorable photos of the two brothers on Twitter from playing with lightsabers to chuckling merrily together.

William, The New Father

The royal wedding is drawing close, but William has a lot on his plate beyond his best man duties. The Duke of Cambridge welcomed his third child with his wife, Kate, just last Monday, April 23.

Like any new dad, William is seemingly in need of a full night's sleep after the arrival of an infant at home. During the annual Anzac Day memorial service on Wednesday, April 25, the duke found himself nodding off mid-service for a few moments.

William and Kate have yet to introduce their baby boy to the world, keeping their choice of name to themselves for now. During his appearance alongside Harry, the duke explains that he is "working on that," implying the couple has not decided on a name yet.

However, Hello Magazine reveals that the parents-of-three may simply be waiting to introduce their new son to Prince Charles before debuting him to the public. Prince Charles was in Scotland when his grandson was born, then flew to France for Anzac Day afterward.

The prince is reportedly back in United Kingdom, which means he will soon meet the newest family member — and possibly help William finally choose a name.