Watch Hugh Jackman's 'Heartfelt' Birthday Message Get Interrupted By Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

Hugh Jackman's attempt to create a heartfelt birthday greeting became futile when Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool interrupted the Wolverine actor.

In another series of their faux feud, Jackman and Deadpool again won everybody's heart as they share an inside look on their "friendship." The 49-year-old actor posted a video showing him in robe filming what seemed like a birthday greeting. But not long enough before the red-costumed superhero started singing "Tomorrow" from the film "Annie."

The camera then pans to the hotel bed, revealing Deadpool lounging. Trying not to ruin his fourth wall, Jackman tries to continue sending his message for the unidentified birthday celebrant. But of course, knowing the comical and unconventional hero, the singing grew louder, which prompted the Australian actor to encourage viewers to ignore the interrupter.

"When you're trying to record a heartfelt birthday message .... but are interrupted by the least greatest showman," Jackman captioned the clip, referring to Deadpool.

As much as the caption pokes fun at Reynolds, how their friendship works was seen in the clip. Deadpool started singing "Who Let The Dogs Out," to which Jackman answered "woof, woof, woof."

"Who let them out? No one ever solved that mystery," Deadpool wondered.

Of course, observers found delight and approved of the now viral clip. @KarenTreend said the clip was hilarious but that she found more eye-catching Jackman's being in a robe while Deadpool remained in bed.


Fans of the two who have carefully been following the so-called feud between them well know that this isn't the first time that they have trolled each other. Last year, Reynolds interviewed Jackman and threw some hard but funny questions at Jackman.

At one point, Reynolds laid down some of Jackman's awards. But one question ultimately broke everyone.

"How much of Hugh Jackman's immense success is raw talent and how much is just advantageous bone structure?" Reynolds asked.

Just last March, Jackman posed with a crowd of fans in Beijing. However, Reynolds was immediately there to show his, er, support, and pertained to the crowd as "protesters."

Supporters of the 41-year-old Green Lantern actor would know that he is one of the best roasters out there. Even his wife, Blake Lively, is not safe from her husband's trolling. The same was the case for Jackman and his wife, who fell victim to Reynolds' joke.

The Greatest Showman star earlier this month uploaded sweet a photo of him and his wife, and his caption revealed they had been together for 22 years already. But Reynolds jokingly admitted in his comment that he was wrong and that he gave their relationship "3 months. Tops."

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