Deadpool is back. This time, he's recruited the X-Force to help him save the world. Or, as he calls them, his "super duper f*cking group."

Ryan Reynolds returns as Wade Wilson — a.k.a. Deadpool — and he's ready to team up with other superheroes.

Meet The 'Super Duper F*cking Group'

Deadpool 2 is all about Wilson trying to protect a mysterious child from falling into the clutches of Josh Brolin's Cable. For this, he says, he needs the help of other heroes.

The latest trailer shows him and his pal Weasel (T.J. Miller) trying to recruit a bunch of other mutants to his cause, including electricity manipulating Bedlam (Terry Crews), time-traveling alien Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), and the luck-altering mercenary Domino (Zazie Beetz).

"I'm lucky," Domino says.

"Lucky isn't a super power," Wilson informs her, countered immediately by his fellow mutant. "Let's meet in the middle and say no it isn't."

The first film in the franchise already introduced the Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) who is seen in flashes in the most recent teaser.

And of course, Peter. Deadpool 2's version of Peter is no Spider-Man, but a mustached middle-age man in a button-down shirt.

"I don't have one," Peter answers when asked about his superpower. "I just saw the ad."

The mysterious "hero" is seen flying in the trailer, although fans are stumped on the role Peter is going to play in the overall plot of the film.

Whatever his role is, Peter is a running gag that the Deadpool team is playing along with. The character even has an official Twitter account where he shares beekeeping advice and photos of "X-Forcing" with his followers.

Deadpool Jokes About MCU, DCEU

This franchise isn't afraid to break the fourth wall and the trailer sees plenty of wisecracks on his fellow superheroes. If the first Deadpool installment offers plenty of jokes on X-Men and Wolverine, the sequel continues the tradition with quips on the superhero worlds beyond his own.

Wade Wilson belongs in the world of Marvel Comics and in the trailer, he can't help getting in a little dig against the comic book powerhouse's biggest rival.

"You're no f*cking hero," Brolin's Cable tells Wilson in one scene, holding him by his collar. "You're just a clown dressed up as a sex toy."

"That's so dark. Are you sure you're not from the DC Universe?" Wilson fires back.

Of course, Deadpool isn't afraid to make fun of Marvel either, particularly his big bad antagonist in the movie. One of the casting details that may be surprising to Marvel fans is Brolin's role as both Deadpool 2's Cable and Avengers: Infinity War's Thanos.

"Pump the hate brakes, Thanos," Wilson says at one point, in reference to Brolin's other supervillain alter-ego.

It may seem jarring to have Brolin cast as the villain in two Marvel movies, especially since both are released practically back to back. However, the actor's Thanos is a CGI-created giant purple alien, so there's little chance of confusing him with Deadpool's tough, battle-weathered psychic.

While Reynold's character may offer an endless stream of quips in the trailer, director David Leitch admits that some of his lines in the trailers may not even make it to the final cut of the movie.

"There's so many that are on the cutting room floor, because you do all this improvisation, and you might have three or four versions of one of these moments," Leitch says in an interview with Fandango. "I think it'll be a good thing for the Blu-ray extras, to see all the alts that we had and couldn't put in the movie. Some of them actually snuck into the trailers as Easter eggs."

Deadpool 2 airs in theaters on May 18.