Kanye West Twitter: Rapper Plans To Put Surgeon Who Performed Mom's 'Final Surgery' On His Album Cover

Kanye West makes headlines again as he reveals more about his upcoming album. He plans to feature his late mother’s surgeon on the cover.

Kanye's Controversial Cover

West’s mother, English professor Donda West, passed away during cosmetic surgery back in November 2007. Her cause of death was reportedly “multiple post-operative factors.” She underwent surgery for liposuction and breast reduction the day before her death.

The rapper took to none other than Twitter to reveal his plans to put Jan Adams, the doctor West said was the one who “performed” his late mother’s “final surgery,” on the front cover of his latest album.

West, who has been no stranger to posting text messages, shared a text conversation between him and a friend who’s listed in his phone as Wes. He asked Wes what he thought of the album cover idea, and Wes instructed him to “LOVE EVERYONE.” Kanye agreed with the response.

Kanye Blames Himself

This isn’t the first time West has opened about his mother’s passing. While he has been vocal about it, and many speculate it has been a factor in his alleged downward spiral and mental breakdown in 2016, he once admitted that he believed he was at fault for his mother’s death.

“If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive,” said Kanye in 2015.

He didn’t go into further detail about why he blamed himself and said he didn’t want to because he would start to cry.

Meanwhile, Adams has since responded to West using his snapshot for a new album cover, more than 10 years after the woman’s passing.

“It’s a MacGuffin,” Adams told The Blast shortly after news of West’s plans went viral.

Jan Adams' Career Ends, Kanye's on Hot Waters

Adams was said to be referring to an object that has all of the attention but is insignificant, to say the least. Word is West will be using Adams’ photo as a means to show his forgiveness.

Adams was sued for malpractice after the passing of West’s mother. The cosmetic surgeon had to pay $500,000 for it. The Medical Board also filed complaints against Adams, who later decided to resign instead of appeal the complaints.

The rapper has been under fire of his own after he confirmed his support for controversial President Donald Trump. Since then, West has refused to back down from supporting Trump. Fortunately for him, his friends John Legend, Chance The Rapper, and T.I. have been able to agree to disagree with his political views.

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