Kanye West Twitter: Chance The Rapper Defends West After Backlash For His Support Of Donald Trump

Chance The Rapper defends Kanye West as he received backlash amid his support for Donald Trump. He is one of the few celebrities to do so.

Chance The Rapper Backs Kanye West

Chance stood up for his fellow Chicago native on Twitter as other celebrities and fans blasted West for being such an avid backer of President Trump.

Chance The Rapper first responded to a fan who questioned if he and West had talked since the latter appeared to be in a fragile mental state earlier this week. He informed the fan and his nearly 8 million viewers that he had just caught up with West a couple of days ago.

He said West is unbothered despite that people are trying to challenge whether he is having a mental breakdown. According to Chance, West hasn’t changed from his other notable moments, such as when he stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs and when he accused then-President George Bush of not liking the African American community.

Chance had continued to say that not all Blacks have to support the Democratic party before he suggested that the next President would not be a member of any political party. He used a Jay-Z gif to respond to the backlash that he received for supporting West.

Other than Chance, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, seems to be the only celebrity who openly backed West. She first called out publications that tried to make West look like he is losing his mind and said his most recent tweets were “disturbing.”

Kim Supports Her Husband, Too

She added that while West did end his relationships with his longtime manager Scooter Braun and his lawyers, her husband's decision was categorized as a mental breakdown instead of a simple business strategy.

She went on to say that West’s untraditional thinking should be embraced in America, and not looked down upon. She continued and wrote that although she disagrees with his views on Trump, West is entitled to his own thoughts.

Kardashian commended her husband for always being himself and not afraid to express his unpopular opinions. She concluded stating that mental health issues should not be the go-to when it comes to discussing West.

Kanye Is Unbothered West has sparked controversy on the Internet ever since he returned to Twitter earlier this month. He doesn’t seem to be moved by fans blasting him for supporting Trump, as he was spotted wearing a Make America Great Again hat. He took to Twitter to let his fans and critics know Trump had signed it.

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