Jeffrey Tambor will still appear in Arrested Development Season 5. Netflix has not cut ties with the actor amid the controversies surrounding the alleged sexual harassment charges against him.

'Arrested Development' Season 5

A representative for 20th Century Fox Television, the studio behind the show, confirmed Tambor's return on screen with several news outlets. The spokesperson said that the comedian is still a part of the series as the fifth season had been filmed last year before he was hit with sexual harassment allegations.

However, the representative did not provide details on whether Fox and Netflix have discussed pulling out Tambor from the show. The spokeswoman also did not respond to questions if the studio had talked about removing his scenes from Arrested Development.  

In Arrested Development, Tambor plays two roles. He plays patriarch George Bluth Sr. and his twin Oscar Bluth. It is unclear though if his return in Season 5 seals his fate with the series.

As of this writing, no information is available whether he only makes a cameo appearance or only has a recurring role in the show. It is not known either if he remains a regular cast of the series.

Sexual Harassment Allegations

Tambor's confirmed appearance in Arrested Development Season 5 comes after news of his departure from Transparent. The actor left the series amid accusations of sexual harassment by fellow cast member Trace Lysette and a former assistant.

In November, Lysette accused the Emmy Award winner of lewd behavior when she was dressed in a lingerie top and shorts. She said that Tambor leaned his body against her and made thrusting motions against her body. She felt his privates on her hips.

Likewise, Tambor's former assistant Van Barnes claimed that he groped her and threatened to sue if she told anyone. The actor has since denied both Lysette and Barnes's allegations, although Amazon still removed him from Transparent.

"I am deeply sorry if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being sexually aggressive or if I ever offended or hurt anyone...The fact is, for all my flaws, I am not a predator and the idea that someone might see me in that way is more distressing than I can express," Tambor said of the sexual harassment allegations.

A few of Tambor's friends and castmates stood behind him amid the controversy. Jason Bateman and David Cross expressed their support for the actor in previous interviews.

Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date for Arrested Development Season 5. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz also has yet to reveal which episode Tambor appears in the series.