Beyoncé Just Bought An Old Church In New Orleans

The Church of Beyonce may be about to become a reality. The superstar singer has reportedly purchased her very own church.

Prepare To Worship

Queen Bey bought a 7,500 square foot house of worship in New Orleans. The stone structure, which is over 100 years old, listed at a whopping $850,00 but it's unclear how much Beyonce paid for it.

The building, erected in the 1900s, hasn't been utilized as a place of worship for the past years due to the deaths of several members of the congregation. It's a two-story structure, with two beds and two baths.

If Bey is looking to reopen it as an actual church, she shouldn't have any trouble finding worshippers to join her flock. Her famous sister Solange also lives nearby, so she could make an appearance to increase the star factor even further.

Their Lord And Savior

A San Francisco church recently held the first ever "Beyonce Mass" a few weeks ago, with over 900 people showing up to praise their lord and savior.

Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal Church, designed the mass to promote the inclusion of race and gender in discussions about scripture, as part of a weekly gathering intended to discuss the intersection of race, faith, and gender.

Beyonce herself hasn't been shy about including religious imagery in her work, even posing with her children in an infamous shot meant to reference the Virgin Mary.

If Queen Bey decides to do something similar to Grace Cathedral, there's no telling how many people would show up to worship at the Church of Beyonce.

Only Beyonce Could Do It

However, as the original listing for the building noted, there's potential for it to be redeveloped as something else. For example, Beyonce could repurpose it as her living quarters, something that is only fit for someone with her caliber.

"[The church] affords many possibilities for redevelopment as a single, multi-family [dwelling], remaining as a Church, possibility of a commercial usage or many other possibilities," advised the real estate listing.

Considering how many fans considered her recent Coachella performances religious events, it wouldn't be the craziest development in Beyonce's story.

Michelle Williams, who performed onstage with Bey as part of the reformed Destiny's Child on the first weekend of the festival, had the perfect comment about what Beyonce could be up to.

"She can never do anything that we would think is normal. And this is what's fun for her," she said.

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