Beyonce is still facing trademark issues for her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter’s, name. More has come out about the ongoing lawsuit.

Is Blue Ivy A $10 Million Name?

Beyonce, who is fresh off of the 2018 Coachella stage, has been involved in a year’s long legal battle over the trademark rights of her and her husband Jay-Z’s six-year-old daughter’s name.

In the latest update, Beyonce has clapped back at Veronica Morales’ claims that Beyonce lied about wanting to sell her Blue Ivy event planning company to the pop singer for $10 million, according to legal documents obtained by The Jasmine Brand over the weekend. In her response, Beyonce said she actually was telling the truth when she claimed Morales offered to sell her company for millions.

Morales describes her company as a high-end, boutique event planning agency.

“Blue Ivy is comprised of highly educated thoroughbred talent, instinctual leadership, accomplished global experience, intuitive translation, mastermind entertainment, an atmosphere magician, impeccable organization, and of course, a truly gifted, boundless designer and visionary: Coast to Coast Celebration Planner, Veronica Alexandra.”

This is the most recent update in the lawsuit that began when the singer made attempts to trademark Blue Ivy’s name. Interestingly enough, Blue Ivy Events was already trademarked by Morales’ company when Blue Ivy was born.

Will Beyonce Pay Up?

Beyonce’s lawyers say Morales was ready to have Beyonce pay her $10 million for the trademark. Interestingly enough, Beyonce did not accept Morales’ offer. Still, Morales has denied ever offering Beyonce her trademark in exchange for $10 million. Morales said she has a concern she is being portrayed as a woman who is trying to extort the Grammy-Award winner and her family for their wealth and fame. For now, Blue Ivy is living the celebrity life.

Asahd Is Trademarked 

Meanwhile, Beyonce isn’t the only celebrity out there who has made moves to trademark her child’s name. Reports of DJ Khaled and his wife, Nicole Tuck, doing the same thing for their son Asahd made headlines earlier this month. Apparently, the couple wants to trademark the 18-month-old’s name in kid’s items like strollers, books, pacifiers, and even dried fruit snacks, teething rings, and miniature sized kid cars.

Considering baby Asahd hasn’t mastered writing his signature yet, Tucker signed on his behalf to trademark the now infamous name. He’s certainly on his way to being a major brand himself as he’s already landed a deal with Jordan and other major companies.

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