Blue Ivy Carter is well on her way to being a proper patron of the arts. The six-year-old scolds her grandmother for acting inappropriately.

Calling Her Out For Inappropriate Behavior

Cameras caught the eldest daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z hilariously telling off her grandmother, Tina Knowles, during a visit to a Paris theater.

Beyonce's mother posted a video admiring the beauty and architecture of the building, where the two were watching a ballet performance, thereby catching her granddaughter admonishing her for misbehaving.

"You're not supposed to take any videos, Grandma! You're not supposed to!" calls out a small voice in the clip, presumed to be Blue Ivy's.

A Law-Abiding Little Lady

The little diva is making quite a name for herself as a law-abiding citizen.

At this year's Grammys, she told her famous parents to tone it down while they were applauding a performance during the show, delighting the internet in the process.

Grandma Knowles didn't heed her advice, though, continuing to film in spite of her young charge's protests. She acknowledged Blue Ivy's annoyance in the caption, which referred to the sneaky nature of the footage.

Making Her Presence Known

The little lady also popped up in another video, shot at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

While Knowles is trying to talk about her vacation, Blue asks whether, when she gets married, she'll kiss there.

A man chimes in to tell her you can kiss anywhere you like, leading Blue Ivy to exclaim that kissing an ear is gross.

The six-year-old is already a style icon, professional dancer, and a budding musician, thanks in large part to the genes from her parents.

One fan even commented on her grandma's footage to suggest the little one is a singer-in-training, judging by her cute voice.

Following In Famous Footsteps

Considering Blue Ivy is a big sister, with two younger siblings to keep in line, her commitment to obeying the rules can only be a good thing.

Her mother made headlines recently after storming Coachella with two instantly-iconic performances -- one of which reunited Destiny's Child -- and then by purchasing her very own church in New Orleans, near sister Solange.

Whether the Church of Beyonce will be in session remains to be seen, but Blue Ivy could be keeping parishioners in check if her famous mom decides to go down the spiritual route.

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