Demi Moore became a victim of credit card fraud, and Federal prosecutors identified David Matthew Read as the culprit.

Living Large In Beverly Hills

Read allegedly reported Moore's credit card missing or stolen, and requested a new one, back in March.

He then went on to spend close to $200,000 on a variety of items before the actress's assistant contacted American Express to report suspicious activity on the account later that month.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, 35-year-old Read was identified by surveillance footage picking up the new card at FedEx. The prosecutor also identified him on security footage from the high-end store Saks Fifth Avenue, where he spent close to $17,000.

Elsewhere, Read spent almost $4,000 at Nordstrom, where he was again identified by store footage. He then visited two other Nordstrom stores, accumulating a massive $169,764.73 bill.

Identified While On The Prowl

Read was identified in April after a debit card he was using was identified.

"A Nordstrom loss prevention investigator told [the prosecutor] that the same person who used the card ... on the [specified] dates ... also used a Chase debit card to pay off a balance on some of the transactions, and that the account holder for the debit card was [Read]," confirmed the court docs.

The investigator was provided with Read's birthday, which helped them catch the thief. He was previously arrested in February of this year, for fraud and vehicle theft after allegedly purchasing a Mercedes using somebody else's information.

Official arrest photos from that incident were compared with store footage to confirm his identity as the chief suspect. He later admitted to using the card without Moore's authorization, when confronted by authorities.

"[Read] admitted to obtaining D.M.'s credit card without authorization and fraudulently using it to make purchases at stores," note the court docs.

Read also allegedly worked with Marc Ian Highley, who previously used Moore's credit card himself, and the two even rented a storage unit to house their stolen wares. Read was reportedly arrested outside this very same unit.

His next court date is scheduled for July 13. Read currently remains in jail.

LOL actress Moore is just the latest celebrity who has been a victim of credit card theft. Rapper 50 Cent and athlete Carmelo Anthony had their credit card numbers stolen in 2013, with the alleged assailant racking up more than $500,000 at Vespas, Tiffany & Co., and other stores.

Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian West, and Will Smith have all also been victims of credit card theft.