Miley Cyrus is taking back an apology she made a decade ago over her nearly nude cover photo for an esteemed magazine. The singer said she is not sorry at all.

Cyrus withdrew the apology she made to fans after she posed nearly nude for Vanity Fair at the age of 15. Now, the 25-year-old singer did not mince her words and cursed at the haters who criticized her for the provocative shot. Cyrus took to her Twitter on Sunday and shared a photo of a newspaper cover that shamed her for the photo shoot.


The "Wrecking Ball" singer's blunt response to the story received different reactions from netizens. There are those who applauded her for being true to herself.

"I really admire what @MileyCyrus stands for. teaching women that they shouldnt have to be apologetic is always important, not to mention her representation of the LGBTQ+ communities. you fucking rock, sis," one fan responded.

"You can say what you want about @MileyCyrus, but she stands for SO many fkn great values and causes. She embodies what it means to just be yourself, and LOVE yourself, and that's important," another fan wrote.

Meanwhile, another fan thought that Cyrus did not have to apologize from the start since the photo was not even sexual. Likewise, the user suggested that it should have been the photographer, Annie Leibovitz, who should say sorry and not Cyrus.

"If they wanted this to be sexual they would have had her arch her back and with a more seductive face & over all pose. Miley is just legit hunched over looking like she just woke up from a bomb a** nap lmfaoo. I never found this photo 'sexy' & I don't see it now that I'm grown," one Twitter user wrote and added, "They should've gone after the photographer if they found this so inappropriate."

Vanity Fair Photo

In 2008, Cyrus was still riding high on her Disney success as Hannah Montana when she took part in a photo shoot with the renowned photographer Leibovitz. At the time, the singer thought the photo seemed natural and pretty. Cyrus also did not think that it was sexual because she only had her bare back exposed.

However, the photo received heavy backlash that Cyrus was forced to apologize. She expressed her embarrassment at the time for taking part in the photo shoot, which she initially thought was "artistic." She apologized to her fans who look up to her. A representative for Disney likewise said the magazine manipulated the singer for the sake of sales.