Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Moving to Africa? Archie Loves It There!

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Fans have seen a glimpse of what royal life is like in the recently released documentary entitled "Harry and Meghan: An African Journey." Since the ITV documentary was released last Oct. 20, everyone has got their opinions out

Some have shown sympathy as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed the happiness and hardships they experienced in their first year of marriage. 

The two have been very candid about the battles they have to face behind the scenes. In an attempt to make a documentary of the royal life, ITV anchor Tom Bradby ended up making something that gave a close look into the struggles of being a royalty

At the same time, though, it revealed a lot about how young royal Archie was able to find his voice during this trip to Africa. While his father, Prince Harry, dealt with the painful memories of remembering his mother, young Archie seemed to have found a new home. 

Overwhelming media attention

Prince Harry opened up about how much all the negative publicity they have received has hurt them. He particularly mentioned that most of the stuff in the British tabloids were not true. 

Amid all the issues, however, Prince Harry emphasized that they are trying their best to focus on the more important things.

The new dad shared how much he appreciated the time he spent with his family. He believes that he should not let the rumors get in the way of enjoying this life with his wife Meghan and son, Archie. 

"It is part of our job to put on a brave face every time," the bruised Prince Harry said. He further mentioned 

Rift with Prince William?

When asked about the rift he has with his brother, Prince William, the Duke of Sussex said that it was "inevitable" to happen. However, he made it a point to emphasize that they will always be brothers.

At the moment, he feels that they are taking on different paths. Although they don't see each other as often as they did when they were young, the Prince Harry still has love for his elder brother. He is also pretty confident that his brother would be there for him like he is for him. 

In his royal words, Harry said, "as brothers, we have bad and good days."

Moving to Africa?

There were recent rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan are thinking of moving to Africa, but the Duke of Sussex quickly shot down those speculations

"We just came from Cape Town, but we're not sure where in Africa we could live," he said.

Prince Harry talked about how amazing the place was when they came to visit. His small family considered it a good place to base themselves in. However, he mentioned all the problems they have seen. It left him wondering how he could be of help.

Prince Harry also said that moving to Africa worries him, particularly the judgments they will likely get living in that kind of environment. 

The royal father, however, proudly revealed that his son, Archie, has grown fond of the place. The 35-year-old father of one said that Archie was making more noise during the trip than he ever did back in their home. 

"He enjoys looking out the window. He practically loves everything about Africa," Prince Harry said. He also pointed out that they believe Archie has found his voice in Africa, bouncing up and down.

Proud mom, Meghan also talked about how happy their son looked. 

Unfortunately, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex added that it is difficult to live in a place as such when one is fully aware of what's going on. If they decide to move to Africa though, they are pretty sure their son would be the happiest. 

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