Meghan Markle is having a challenging time as a first-time mom, a newlywed, and a new member of the British family. She has been on royal business as soon as she stepped into royalty.

But now that she is a mom, it is timely to look back on mom advices previously shared by her friend, the former first lady Michelle Obama.

Stepping Into a Bigger World

The Duchess of Sussex famously guest-edited in the British Vogue issue "Forces of Change" together with Obama. They discussed women empowerment and motherhood, among others at the time.

The First Lady gave a wealth of advice for Meghan Markle, having known the challenges of entering a big role. She shared back then that motherhood is a 'master class of letting go' and knowing that there could only be so much we have control of.

Obama previously shared an interview with Markle in Good Housekeeping where she gave important advice for Markle on joining the British royal family.

Obama compared herself to Markle whom she says "probably never dreamt a life like this" and hence proceeded to advice her that "the pressure can sometimes feel like a lot" noting both inward and outward pressures. Her key advice:

"Don't be in a hurry to do anything in the first year."

On Being a Mom

The mom-of-two Obama also gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a parenting advice:

"Having a baby in the house feels so magical so experience it all, savor it all."

While the royal couple have been seen spending a lot of time with their firstborn Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who is now 6 months, they have also been flying internationally with the baby in tow.

Markle noted how it is difficult to schedule royal matters with the growing demands of the young royal.

Take It Easy

The Duchess may want to turn to Obama's advice now to take it easy. Obama was even stern to remind her to "listen, to take advice, and make no mistake."

However, the Duchess desired to get to royal matters straight away, launching her own clothes line, a cookbook, and guest-editing at Vogue. While Obama did praise Meghan for being an 'inspiration' for breaking the mould, things should slow down now before Markle finds herself in deeper emotional trouble.

But, the royal may have made a mistake. Now that she has already admitted to struggling to cope with her new life and that they are 'miserable' and 'unhappy,' then Obama's long talk with her should be brought to mind: "For goodness sake, take it easy."