Kate Middleton No Plans to 'Outshine' Future King

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' marriage bear lessons that their sons and their sons' wives would do well to learn from. For the Duchess of Cambridge, there is more pressure not to repeat the same mistake of her in-laws.

After all, Prince William is second in line to the throne and her sons Prince George and Prince Louis are third and fourth in line.

Not an Attention Seeker

Kate Middleton's shy personality may do her good in the long run. The Duchess knows Charles was jealous of the attention Diana got and so she is careful not to overshadow Prince William whose personality is likened to his dad.

Albeit her royal status, the Duchess is not keen on gaining publicity and shows discomfort when obliged to take center stage. She rarely makes big public speeches and would always let the Duke of Cambridge take the lead.

In contrast, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no trouble switching gender roles as Prince Harry is far behind the line than his brother and nephews.

Not Like Diana

Kate is not one to be known of her rebellious acts, though she did have a few slip-ups in following the royal dress code. Both Kate and Meghan Markle have also omitted the word "obey" in their vows.

But while Kate is often compared to Diana from the way she dresses to her body language, even onlookers and critics know that the Duchess is a far cry from her late mother-in-law.

In her effort not to outshine her husband, the Duchess makes sure to listen to William's aides and to always stay one step behind the Duke. In her TV interview with British journalist Tom Bradby, she explained that she has every intention to follow William's lead.

On Not Being as Popular as Diana

Many royal followers continue to show their love for Princess Diana even after she passed. Years after her death, not Kate nor Markle could take her place as the darling of the public.

The situation is exactly what Kate wants as she is not keen on embracing fame like the Princess of Wales. It became apparent that Diana was more interested in her celebrity status than Kate. Middleton is content to keep out of the limelight and enjoy a private life.

Subtle Dominance

Palm reader Gary Markwick revealed what he read on the Duchess' hands. He believed Kate has a strong character and has the ability to be authoritative. But, she would be careful not to show her dominance in her man's spotlight.

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