Meghan Markle's Brother Takes Shot at Duchess of Sussex, Royal Family With Beer Ad

Meghan Markle's estranged half-brother is on another installment of "Unbelievable Things the Duchess' Estranged Family Have Done" episode.

Thomas Markle Jr. is seeking for fame, yet again, by appearing in an ad that is bound to stir controversy.

Thomas starred in a new beer commercial as a thief who steals from a mock-up Buckingham Palace. Do you know what he took? The Crown Jewels, with a lookalike actress of Meghan named Renee Wood.

The clip shows that he conspires with his half-sister to break into the palace. He grabs Queen Elizabeth II's crown while stopping to take a cabinet of beer.

Once back in their getaway car, he and Meghan's characters ask whether "he was able to grab the jewels," but then tells her that he got something better, pulling out the bottles of beer to which the character says, "Priceless!"


The brainchild for the campaign is Billie Mitchell, CEO of the Classic New York Beer and The 1 Wine.

Mitchell, together with the founder of the company, Gary Kong, met with Markle Jr. at a celebrity box event sponsored by the company.

"Gary and I loved Tom Markle, Jr.'s energy and humor. He is a good guy who gets a bum wrap in the press because he is estranged from his sister, who is now a British 'Royal,'" said Mitchell.

"We kept in touch with Tom after the boxing match and since we were getting ready to launch an ad campaign for the beer, we thought, 'Hey, why not see if we can work together on a satirical video that will showcase Tom's personality while getting the word out about the product?'"

The two then pitched the idea to Markle Jr., and he immediately agreed. They were all very excited about the commercial, and they were confident it would get people talking about the beer.

Markle Jr. told Page Six that he thinks the commercial may be a way to mend ties with his sister.

"It would be great to get together and have a Classic New York Beer. After all, in the ad, she said it was priceless," Thomas said.

The commercial is just one of the latest in what seems to be a never-ending chain of outburst pitted against Meghan by her family.

Markle Jr. recently told the Daily Mail that the only reason his sister is a member of the royal family is because of their father.

Early this month, Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle went under investigation by U.S. police for allegedly bullying her younger sister online. She was also suspended from Twitter.

The ad will reportedly air during the Super Bowl, but the royals can't take comfort from that knowing that everyone in the world will definitely see it. Super Bowl, after all, is one of the most watched events in America and the world.

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