Michelle Obama has always been known as the strong woman behind Barack Obama.

Since he was elected into office, twice, Barack and wife Michelle has had to deal with various news and rumors about their marriage. But is the news about their divorce still just a rumor?

Putting all the politics aside, the couple has received multiple allegations about them divorcing. In fact, it goes back to 2017 when RadarOnline first reported that Barack wanted to get loose from his wife. When the former president of the United States was seen at the airport without his wedding band on, speculations began.

People started asking about the status of his marriage. 

Radar Online cited an anonymous source saying that the marriage has become a sham since he left his office. The kids they have are now older, that is why the couple decided it might be time to call it quits. The site also even revealed that Michelle agreed to a $25 million settlement for divorce

However, reports of how happy the Obama's are outside of the White House shuts down the allegations of the status of their marriage. In fact, the rumors about the missing wedding ring were clarified by an insider. It was revealed that the former presidents removed his wedding ring during political sorties to avoid losing it. He only puts it on when he knows he does not have to be around a lot of people or shake hands with strangers. 

And yet again, the couple found themselves in the midst of another divorce rumor. Just this October, Globe magazine released a story that the two have been fighting through what was reportedly a $150 million divorce settlement. Yet again, the outlet pointed on the missing wedding ring as evidence of an impending divorce. In addition to that, Michelle was rumored to be moving to the Hollywood scene and hosting her new show

Furthermore, Michelle was rumored to be plotting an act of revenge against her husband by running for office. The outlet said she is out there to prove that she is a much better "commander in chief."

Will it even be possible for Michelle Obama to lead the country in Washington while hosting a show in LA? Are Michelle and Barack Obama really divorcing?

Rumors said that they may be, but no proof has been presented to back up the claim. The case of the missing wedding ring has been clarified. Michelle has also denied the rumors about hosting her own show as well as her running for president. 

Just last week, during their Obama Foundation Summit, the former president looked dashing beside his beautiful wife. They looked happier and stronger than ever. However, considering the high profile lifestyles that they live, it is also nearly impossible that there would be no divorcing rumors about them. 

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