YouTuber KSI vs. Logan Paul 2: Jake Paul to Avenge His Brother in a New Fight?

KSI versus Logan Paul is over; however, a new fight may have just begun.

After watching his brother bow down to YouTuber KSI in what could be said as the most anticipated amateur boxing match of the year, Jake Paul also wants a shot at him in the boxing ring,

Jake took it to Twitter to challenge KSI, emphasizing that he will "avenge" his brother for what the fellow internet personality has done.

"I KNOW this sport is for me and WILL avenge my brother," Jake wrote. "Thank you all for tonight and the support ya'll give us.. i can't thank you enough."

The younger Paul brother also congratulated KSI, but he insisted that his brother was the real winner of the fight. Jake emphasized that it was pretty obvious his brother was the better boxer before hinting that the fight was rigged.

"I want to purposefully start by congratulating KSI for the victory.. I've gained a level of respect for you tonight that I didn't have before," Jake said.

"Although I don't & many people don't agree with the decision that was is what it is." "My brother won that fight and is clearly the better boxer."

KSI vs. Logan 2

"KSI vs Logan Paul 2," a six-round cruiserweight bout, is the most anticipated famateur ight by internet fans. After all, who wouldn't want to see two internet personalities vie it out in the pro boxing scene?

Boxing fans classicists may mock the attention the fight got, but it undoubtedly lit up social media.

After six rounds and with blood seeping from his bottom lip, KSI heard the judges' scorecards which swung in his favor. KSI collapsed to the floor, crying.

Two judges' scored the bout 56-55 and 57-54 in KSI's favor, while the other judge scored it 56-55 for Logan. However, Jake wasn't having it. He said that KSI was saved with the decision the referee made.

"Over a minute to recover in the corner after being knocked down? That's insane," Jake added, signifying to the two points that his brother was deducted after hitting KSI's head during the fourth round which severely impacted the final count.

Grudge Match?

Given the history between KSI and the Paul brothers, the British YouTuber may be more than willing to take up Jake for his challenge.

Speaking to TMZ back in October, KSI said he "would love to break Jake's face as well as Logan's," adding that he thinks Jake would be scared of him after seeing him beat his elder brother, Logan.

KSi said Jake would be afraid and would say something like "I don't know if this whole boxing thing is for me."

Interestingly, it is worth noting that KSI challenged Jake first for the YouTube Championship Belt last year before Logan stepped up in their first meeting.

Now, the real fight might be upon us!

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